Friday, Feb 9, 2018

We track tasks in the most low-tech way: white paper behind the glass of the CAD room, and each group reports progress and next steps by simply using dry-erase markers on the outside. Sure, occasionally a passer-by will strategically erase letters for amusing effect, but, mostly, fellow students have respected our space.

Done and not done

Plan of attack

This white-board illustration demonstrates the equally low-tech, but immediately visible, way our electrical team plans/tracks the required power use of Diablo’s components.

Tracking where the volts and amps go

Many Hands Make Diablo Come to Life

After losing a Wednesday meeting due to snow, the team rallied on Thursday this week.

As we near the beginning of Week Six, it is inevitable that tasks become more and more concentrated in one spot: Robot Diablo. When all the parts have been mounted, then all the electrical and mechanical work is being done in a confined space, leading to robot-ish close encounters.

And then the dog wanted to help in the Mechanical Room.

Slideshow of January 31 Activities

Everybody’s working on something! And with less than three weeks to go, it’s great to see.

  • How not to use a screwdriver

Forced Relaxation

With a goal of helping the team stay awake, alert, and enthusiastic for the entirety of our long Saturday build sessions, we’ve recently begun encouraging the group to take an outside break after lunch.

Since the weather cooperated by granting us 50 degree temps, the group agreed! I just captured a few seconds to prove it: they can let go of their tools and robot parts.